Big Blue – Giclee print ‘No More Words’ series

This short series of 8” x 10”s explores nine poster illustrations I’ve created over the past couple of years for various clients. I’ve stripped away the text and logos, getting down to the bones of the illustrations to see if they still speak. They look beautiful framed in 8 x 10 frames (standard frame size, easy to find in any price range). Shipped flat in an envelope, not folded or rolled. $8 to ship 1 8×10 print, add .50 cents for each additional 8×10 print (i.e.: shipping for 1 is $8, shipping for 4 is $9.50)

Each one includes a look at the original poster on the back with a description of where the artwork originated.

A couple summers ago two Blue Whales washed up on the west coast of Newfoundland. Sad times indeed. Scientists removed the whales and studied them to find out why they had died, and the larger of the two has become the star of a beautiful exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. The exhibit opened in the spring of 2017 and used this image in all its advertising to draw folks to come and see for themselves. It was an exciting opportunity creating the image for this gorgeous animal’s final resting place.


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