Welcome to Rehearsals Rehearsals Online store, St. John's, Newfoundland

Founded in 2011, this little St. John’s based design & print shop is proud to have more than 70 items for sale. We have a lot of fun making these pieces and hope you’ll enjoy checking them out. Scroll down to have a look and drop us a line if you have any questions.

We love pins, they’re too much fun. Here’s our collection of high quality enamel pins we designed.

Here are a bunch of things we’ve made to help celebrate the home we love. Prints, pins and hankercheifs to brighten our days and times.

Hand screen printed art is our favourite – we have been hired to illustrate screen print posters for bands, festivals and friends, plus have come up with a bunch that we just wanted to make for fun. Here are some that we have for sale…

We’re very proud to have some prints available by guest artists Amery Sandford, and Mike Feehan. All money collected from the sales of these screen prints will be sent directly to Amery and Mike.

This series of illustrations has been a lot of fun. Each were projects where clients hired Jud Haynes to create posters for their events, tours, festivals, etc. What we’ve done is removed all the words and logos to see how each piece stands on its own, the art without the words. We have had them printed on 8 x 10 card (standard frame size), each one comes with a short description of the original project with an image of the original so we can see their initial intent. They look great framed and have found second lives in peoples’ homes.